Cooled Lockers

Refrigerated lockers for food and supplies.

Our refrigerated lockers enable you to transfer fresh food (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, or even ice cream) The lockers are a perfect way to increase profits and service hours at your traditional business - without any extra work.
With a clever choice of location, you can win new customers and increase the rate of service without further employees.

With our cooled lockers you can also ensure the highest quality of products. Fresh food, delicious vegetables and tasty meals delivered instantly and in the best possible condition.
Our foodstations are the best choice to increase sales during peak times and keep customers happy. The temperature in the cooled lockers is individually adjustable and can be completely adapted to the procuts and circumstances. Coupled with contactless payment and quick, easy, service, our cooled lockers make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

Refrigerated lockers for food and hospitality businesses.

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How do our cooled lockers work?

Our locker system is very easy to use. The station becomes a digital service point via modern computers. Cooling units ensure the required temperature. This ensures that every product is stored under optimal conditions. Full control and security for you as a dealer and more business, sales and customer satisfaction.

A simple 4 step process

  • The customer chooses his preferred products, delivery time and date
  • Goods are delivered and stored in the station 
  • After Delivery, the customer automatically receives a notification with a pick-up code
  • The Customers picks up the product at this preferred time 


  • Extend your opening hours – selling after closing
  • Ambient temperature for each product
  • Customized and elegant design
  • Smart technology for fresh food around the clock
  • Flexible configuration

Why Click & Collect Service GmbH?

  • Software and Hardware from a single source
  • Fully customizable click and collect stations
  • Fast response time and maintenance 
  • Reliability

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