Click and Collect Serviceboxes

Our service box is a locker for all usages in which parcels, goods and services are handed over.

The Servicebox is a locker for all usages where parcels, goods and services can be handed over in a efficient and contactless way. The lockers are perfect for B2B, as well as B2C businesses. The station can be used by several service providers.

Nowadays, the contactless handover is an important issue. Intelligent systems are necessary for this problem. Our systems guarantee a 100% contactless process- We deliver the right click and collect hard- and software solution for your purpose. Increase customer satisfaction to new heights and increase the right of service with our serviceboxes.



The benefits of our serviceboxes

Our locker system is very easy to use. The station becomes a digital service point by using modern software. As an owner, you keep full control over the click and collect system, while increasing sales and customer satisfaction.


  • Customer or coworker places an order
  • Goods are delivered directly to the servicebox 
  • As soon as the parcel arrives, the receiver gets a pin to pick up the goods


  • Service is available around the clock 
  • Fully customizable stations 
  • Individual design 
  • Smart technology
  • Expandable system

Why Click & Collect Service GmbH?

  • Click and Collect hard- and software from as single source
  • Stations that fit your needs
  • Responsive Service and quick support
  • Reliability

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