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Pharmacy Lockers

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Our locker with out without refrigeration for the delivery of medical goods

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The intelligent, future proof solution for pharmacies that enables contactless delivery of medical goods. Safe and easy to use – for employees and customers. The pick-up station for pharmacies allows customers to be served regardless of the time or date. With the help of a pin, the customer can open the corresponding locker and receive the goods previously placed there.

Our pharmacy lockers are designed to fit your pharmacy like a glove. With custom sizes, designs and dimensions and the option for cooling we would be happy to advise you on what the perfect solution for your pharmacy looks like. The system is designed for wall- and glass installation indoor and in protected outdoor areas. The employees of the pharmacy fill the system and customers pick up their good with a previously automatically transmitted pick-up code regardless of opening times.


The Benefits Of Our Pharmacy Lockers

Our pharmacy locker system is easy to use both for your employees and the customers. Thanks to our sophisticated hard- and software solutions we are able to provide cooled lockers that take care of incoming orders even outside of your business-hours.

How It Works

Customers order their products online or directly at your pharmacy

Goods are delivered to the station

After delivery, the customer automatically receives a pick-up code

The customers pick up the order whenever it fits them best

Benefits For Your Pharmacy

Opportunities to increase sales through new customer acquisition

Reduction of courier service costs

Relief of workload

No waiting in line for customers

Contactless service

Position the pharmacy as an innovative competitor

Possible connection to an online shop

What About Legal Concerns?

The terminal can be connected directly to the Pharmacy but it can be used as well outside the pharmacy as part of mail order.

If the terminal is used as part of the mail order business, it can be supplied by the pharmacy’s own staff. It is only necessary to ensure that this method of collection is duly agreed with the patient. Since the dispensing of the drug in the legal sense takes place beforehand in the pharmacy premises, the delivery can take place via the terminal as a subsequent step. In this respect, only the processes in the pharmacy’s QMS need to be adjusted accordingly, for example to determine which deliveries are not suitable for this route. In a further step, consideration can also be given to collecting drug orders at the terminal at the same time.

If the terminal is used in the context of mail order business, the provisions of § 24 ApoBetrO do not conflict with this. After all, it is possible that the terminal will not be installed by the pharmacy, but by a third party, such as a municipality. In this case, a corresponding agreement between the pharmacy on the one hand and the operator of the terminal must be ensured that the delivery via the terminal is in accordance with the requirements of the case law of the BVerwG and that the actual withdrawal of the inserted drugs is documented in such a way that it is Information is provided by the pharmacy.

The use of the station is in accordance with the regulation § 17 ApoBetrO.

(Source: Dr. Douglas report from Friedrich Graf von Westphalen& Partner mbH).


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