Bike safes for companies and public spaces.

A leisurely bike tour in summer or a short stop at the train station to visit a café or restaurant ... but where do you go with your - often very expensive - bike? Our bike safes for companies and public spaces offer the right solution for storing your bike and luggage safely at short notice. In addition, the batteries of the e-bikes can be charged in the boxes, which is an additional incentive for visitors and tourists.

Your employees come to work by bike? Velosafe is a modern solution for every requirement. A separate charging station for e-bikes is no longer necessary. With our Velosafes your workplace will be even safer and more sustainable. Our tailor-made software ensures easy and intuitive use of the Velosafe.


How it works?

Our velosafes are very easy to operate. The station becomes a digital service point via modern computers. The integrated software enables you to rent the subjects and to ensure a secure handling process.

How to use:

  • Customer chose a free compartment and the rental period
  • Place the bike in the compartment
  • If necessary, charge the battery (e-bike) at the integrated charging station
  • Pay after the time has elapsed and pick up the bike

  • Velosafe compartments can optionally be equipped with power connections for charging e-bikes or mobile devices.
  • The bicycle garages are available in different colors but also in your personal CI design.
  • The operator station consists of a PC and a touchscreen with a multilingual, intuitive user interface. It is available both integrated and separately.
  • Payment of the rent: lockers with coin slot, acceptance of banknotes or cashless.
  • The compartments can be opened and closed by entering a PIN on the touchpad or scanning a barcode.



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