Bike safes and storage units for companies and public places

A leisurely bike tour in the summer or a stop at the local marketplace to visit a café or restaurant. But where to put, the often very expensive, bike? Our bike safes for companies and public spaces offer the right solution for storing your bike and luggage safely at short notice. In addition, the batteries of e-bikes can be charges within the boxes, which is an additional incentive for visitors and tourists.

Our fully customizable velosafes are a great way to incentivize your employees to ride by bike. No need for additional charging stations for e-bikes or fear of the bikes being stolen. Our tailor-made software ensures easy and intuitive use of the velosafe.


How our bike safes work

Our velosafes are very easy operate. You as an owner keep full control over the stations and provide the best possible experience for visitors and employees.

The 3 step process

  • The customers choses a free compartment and the rental period
  • The customer places the bike in the perfectly sized compartment
  • The customer picks up the bike and pays the due price

the benefits of our velosafes

Velosafes can optionally be quipped with power connections for charging e-bikes or mobile devices.

  • Fully customizable design
  • Updated Software that makes contactless usage easy and fast
  • Lockers can be paid in cash or cashless
  • The compartments are easy to close and open using pin codes or scanning a barcode

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