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Flower Locker

The solution for flower shops.

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The Click & Collect flower vending machines are the ideal solution for selling flowers and bouquets regardless of opening hours. Flowers and bouquets can be offered around the clock with the help of our modules. Our vending machines are easy to operate and handle.

Extend your reach with our locker solution. A shop without personnel costs. You can use the locker as a vending machine but also as a pick-up station.

  • selling 365 days per year
  • stable temperature in the locker
  • system is cooling and heating if needed


How our flower lockers work

Our flower lockers are very easy to operate. You as an owner keep full control over the stations and provide the best possible experience for your customers.

The 3 Step Process

The customers choses a compartment with favorite flowers

Convenient payment by card at the station

After payment, the selected door opens and the flowers can be taken out.

The Benefits of our flower locker station

Flower vending machines provide the owner with an uncomplicated way to generate additional turnover.

24h/7 sales

Expansion of business operations at locations outside the sales areas

Increase in turnover through sales outside opening hours

Flexible configuration options for the size and number of compartments


Bettendorfring 23
74731 Walldürn – Germany

Contact data:

Managing director:

Andreas Wuzke

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